It is Easy to Remove Tea Stains From Carpet

First and foremost, you must take some quick action once staining occurs.

If you have a carpeted home, it is quite natural to have stains on it from time to time. Stains are made from many common household items such as ink, blood, tea or coffee, grease, hair dye, etc.

There is a general belief that some stains are impossible to remove, and it is better to just replace the carpet…

but a good carpet cleaner will in struck you to always check with a professional carpet cleaning company first before you decide to just replace your carpet. Why waste the money when chances are the stains could be removed.

By taking some quick actions most of these stains can be easily removed from your carpets, tiles or upholstery.

Let us see how to remove the stain of tea from the carpet. The first step to be taken is to press the area of spill directly with a piece of white cloth or towel.

Care should be taken not to rub the area of the spill, as this will make the spill to be absorbed deeper into the carpet and also it will widen the area of the stain. In this way, continue to blotting down the spilled tea on to the towel or cloth until almost all of the tea is blotted.

Vinegar plays an important role in removing tea stains. Mix a half cup of white vinegar in a cup of warm water.

Apply the mixture directly on the stain. Allow it to rest for some time. After this, blot up the poured mixture on to a paper or cloth. Repeat the same until there is no more mixture to be blotted.

The above process must be enough to remove the tea stain from the carpet if it does not then try the following steps also.

Add some detergent or dish wash bar in a cup of warm water and apply it directly to the area that is stained. Allow it to dwell for some time, and then blot up the mixture on a piece of cloth or paper until the complete mixture is blotted up. Now, for sure your carpet should be cleaned of the tea stain.

and as always, a good preventative measure would be to have your carpet Scotchguard protected to ensure an easy clean up without the stains next time

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