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Professional carpet cleaning in Murphy by Carpet Care Express has been the secrete of many of our Murphy clients and possibly some of your neighbors too.

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What is so different about our Murphy carpet cleaning?

Unlike many of our competitor’s methods, our Murphy carpet cleaning service delivers a deeper more thorough clean that drys quickly and leaves a fresh citrus smell in the air.

Instead of the one-step single wand stroke cleaning method used by many local steam cleaning contractors. Carpet Care Express offers a multi-step cleaning process which when combined with the latest cleaning equipment and methods, offers the most thorough carpet cleaning that you have ever had.

We first vacuum all of your carpeted areas, then we pre-spay an emulsifier which loosens and dissolves the deep-down dirt and grime embedded into your carpet.

We then rake the pre-spay into the carpet to ensure all the carpet area is penetrated. From there, the brushes of our powerful cleaning machines clean and pull up the remaining debris.

Multiple drying strokes or then performed to ensure a quick dry, and lastly, we comb the carpet piles for uniformity, which leaves an appealing appearance.

Carpet Care Express (469) 776-0653

A clean carpet is more important than most people realize.

Clean carpet keeps the inside air free of air born contaminates that contribute to allergic reactions and can affect the breathing of people with Asthma.

The environmental protection agency recommends that your carpets are cleaned multiple times per year, depending on humidity, number of occupants, pets and smokers in the home. We recommend that you at least have a twice a year cleaning.

Other contaminants can prove even more dangerous to the overall health of all a home’s occupants.

Even when people are required to remove their shoes before entering the home, chemical, environmental and biological contaminants enter the air from outside and accumulates onto your home’s floors. You can resolve this problem by contacting one of our Murphy carpet cleaning experts for service and advice.

Our carpet cleaning services include deep cleaning, stain and odor removal and carpet protestant.

Not only does our residential Murphy carpet cleaning deep clean your carpets, but we can repair damaged areas too. We can re-stretch your carpet where needed, and repair seams that may be coming apart. spot patching is also available.

Remember, those high traffic areas in your home will get dirtier faster, and tend to wear out faster as well. Protect your investment by scheduling regular cleaning today.

When you need your carpet cleaned in Murphy TX, call Carpet Care Express today. You will be happy you did!

Carpet Care Express (469) 776-0653

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